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Morten Axel Pedersen

Morten Axel Pedersen


Date of birth
1 November 1969

1997-2002       Cambridge University/King's College Ph.D., Department of Social Anthropology
1992-1997       Aarhus University, Cand. Phil., Department of Ethnography and Social Anthropology

Current position
2013              Professor of Social Anthropology, Copenhagen University

Previous positions
2008 - 2013     Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University
2004 – 2008     Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University
2002 - 2004     Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University

Visiting professor
University of California, Santa Cruz; St. Andrews University; Cambridge University

Research Management (selected)
Steering Group, Social Fabric (2012-; Deputy Head of Department, (2010-13); Chairman of Research Committee (2010-13) Steering Group, CAST (2007-12); IARU Delegation on "security" (2007-2009); Member of Teaching Committee (2003-2005); Editorial Board, Tidsskriftet Antropologi (2003-2006); Board of Danish-Mongolian Society (2002-); Danish Ethnographical Society Board (1992-1997); Peer reviewer American EthnologistJournal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteCurrent AnthropologyAnthropological TheoryEthnosAsian Studies,  Inner AsiaHAU, Chicago UP, Oxford UP, Cornell UP, Manchester UP, Berghahn, and Global Oriental Press; Advisory board, Int. Political AnthropologyJournal of Ethnography and Theory; Tenure Track Assessor, American University of Rome, UCL and MIT.

Research grants (selected)
Social Fabric (co-PI) fromUCPH Excellence Program, 15.964.000 DKR; Optimal Distortion: Ethnographic Explorations of Paradoxical Connections (PI) Sapere Aude Research Leader grant from DK Humanities Research Council, 8.390.450 DKR; Imperial PotentialitiesChinese Infrastructure Projects in Mongolia and Mozambique (PI) from DK Social Sciences Research Council, 4.800.000 DKR; CAST (Centre for Advanced Security Theory (co-PI) from UCPH Centre of Excellence, 20.000.000 DKR; Uncertainty and Freedom. Ethnographies of Second Generation Change in the Postsocialist World (co-PI) from DK Social Science Research Council, 1.000.000 DKR; Technologies of the Imagination (co-PI) from British Arts and Humanities Research Board, 420.000 DKR; postdoctoral scholarship DK Humanities Research Council, 1.200.000 DKR; King's College studentship (80.000 DKR; Ph.D. scholarship from DK Research Academy. 900.000 DKR; Ph.D. scholarship from Carlsberg Foundation to Churchill College (800.000 DKR)

Invited lectures (selected)
Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Colombia, UCSC, UCI, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Goldsmiths, St. Andrews, Aberdeen, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Warsaw, Ulaanbaatar, Beijing.

Publications (selected)
Contracted: The Ontological Turn: An Anthropological Exposition. Cambridge: CUP. With M. Holbraad

Forthcoming: Urban Hunters. Dealing and Dreaming in Times of Transition. Yale UP. With L. Højer

In press: Debt as an Urban Chronotope in Ulaanbaatar. Ethnos special issue on Urban Times

In press: Digitally Different. Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology Online.

2014 (co-auth): Complementary Social Science: Quali-quantitative experiments in a Big Data world. Big Data and Society 3.

2014 (co-ed): The Politics of Ontology. Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology Online.

2013 (co-ed): Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and  the Future. London: Routledge.

2013 (co-auth): Trans-Temporal Hinges: Reflections on a Comparative Ethnographic Study of Chinese Infrastructural Projects in Mozambique and Mongolia. Social Analysis 57 (1).

2012: Common Nonsense: A review of recent reviews of the ontological turn. AOCT Press5.

2012: A Day in the Cadillac. The Work of Hope in Mongolia. Social Analysis 56 (2): 136-151.

2012: The Task of Anthropology is to Invent Relations. Critique of Anthropology 32 (1): 59-65.

2012 (co-auth): Roads that Separate: Sino-Mongolian Relations in Inner Asia. Mobilities 7 (4): 554-569.

2012 (co-auth): Revolutionary Securitization. International Theory 4 (2): 165-197.

2011: Not Quite Shamans. Spirit Worlds and Political Lives in Northern Mongolia. Cornell UP               (Honorable mention for the Bateson Prize, Shortlisted, Central Eurasian Studies Book Prize)

2011 (co-ed): Comparative Relativism. Special issue of Common Knowledge 17 (1).

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