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Profile and Career

The MSc programme endows students with comprehensive regional, methodological, theoretical and analytical competencies. A Master of Anthropology is able to formulate
field- and research questions, select relevant anthropological methods for the collation of data, conduct empirical research, and select and incorporate relevant theory in the analysis of empirical material. They are able to structure the collected material and communicate their analytical results clearly and precisely. Having honed their ability to plan, conduct and communicate research, a Master of Anthropology is able to contribute to research, project and communications work dealing with the social and cultural aspect of human life.

The MSc programme provides students the competencies to interpret local, regional and global cultural practices. When faced with complex and unpredictable situations, a Master of Anthropology has the ability to analyze different parties' perspectives and the rationales behind their actions. These competencies make it possible for graduates to shed new light on chronic or intractable problems, leading to new and more sustainable approaches within a given field. 

Career opportunities

Today anthropologists work in the public as well as the private sector. The following is a list of some of the career opportunities available for anthropologists:

  • Consultant and project work within qualitative research and analysis, project planning, implementation, analysis and evaluation
  • International organisation and NGO's
  • Innovation, product and market development and management
  • Intercultural communication in international companies
  • Teaching and communication at universities, high schools, museums
  • Communication in media businesses; news papers, websites, academic journals
  • International development in Denmark and internationally
  • Research