The Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen and the Section for Anthropology and Ethnography at Aarhus University are collaborating in offering a wide range of theoretical, methodological and practical courses relevant to PhD students. 

Mandatory courses

Every term three mandatory courses are offered. From Plan to Practice, From Fieldwork to Analysis, and From Analysis to Text. Apart from the mandatory courses the PhD-students have an important part to play in suggesting and planning, in cooperation with the PhD programmes in Copenhagen and Aarhus, thematic courses, workshops and conferences.

Participation of PhD fellows from other Research Schools
The courses are primarily targeted PhD students from Anthropology in Copenhagen and the section for Anthropology and Ethnography in Aarhus. PhD students from other research schools are welcome to participate in the courses, in case of vacancies. Please note that you will need to have a background in Anthropology, and your project should include anthropological or ethnographic fieldwork. 

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ECTS points for the mandatory courses Anthropology and Ethnography

The mandatory courses are awared the following ECTS points:
1. From Plans to Practice: 2 ECTS
2. From Fieldwork to Analysis: 3,5 ECTS
3. From Analysis to Text: 3,5 ECTS

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