Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee is a democratically elected body representing management and staff at the department. The Committee aims at securing staff involvement in the development of the workplace. Members are the Head of Department, Head of Studies, Head of PhD Studies, Department Administrator, an Academic Staff representative, a PhD representative, an Administrative Staff representative and a Union representative.

The Committee has 2 meetings per semester

Secretary: Sandra Schöne Leth Hansen


Management representatives

  • Bjarke Oxlund (Head of Department)
  • Heiko Henkel (Head of Studies)
  • Ayo Wahlberg (Vice Head of Department)
  • Christina Holbøll (Head of Administration)

Employee representatives

  • Hanne Mogensen (VIP representative)
  • Stine Krøijer (Union representative for VIP)
  • Vicki Antosz (TAP representative and Union representative)
  • Brian McGahey (Ph.D representative)
  • Helle Bundgaard (Union substitute)
  • Atreyee Sen (VIP substitute)
  • Oscar Salemink (VIP substitute)
  • Katrine Fabricius Dahl (TAP substitute)
  • Erika Skov (PhD Substitute)