24 June 2015

12 million DKK Sapere Aude grant for Professor Oscar Salemink

Professor Oscar Salemink receives the Sapere Aude “top researcher” grant for his project about how emerging powers are redefining Europe

Oscar Salemink, professor at the Department of Anthropology, is one of just three researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCPH who this year has received one of the prestigious sapere aude top researcher grants from The Danish Research Council.

The grant awarded to Oscar Salemink is 12 million DKK. It is given to him for his project “Global Europe: Constituting Europe from the outside in through artefacts”. The aim of the project is to explore how the collection, circulation, classification and museum exhibition of objects define Europe from the outside in during Europe’s present loss of global hegemony – especially in relation to Japan and four non-European BRICS countries (Brazil, China, India, South Africa), in comparison with the early modern period of European ascendancy.

Oscar Salemink

- I am very honored with the grant and extremely pleased that I can now carry out this project which has a truly global scope and which in a way will allow us to take a peek into the future, at a time that Europe no longer self-evidently defines itself as it classifies the world, but is “classified and defined back”, as it were, by other, emerging powers around the world, says Oscar Salemink.

The Global Europe project will be carried out by a team of researchers. Oscar Salemink will undertake the part of the research which will take place in China.