10 July 2014

New Curriculum for Anthropology in 2015

Due to the study progress reform, the political attention to the unemployment among graduates and to ensure a continued high level of teaching at the department, the study board, in close collaboration with the researchers and teachers, has begun the development of a new curriculum for the master programme (kandidatuddannelsen). The study board has approved the structure described below for the master programme. It is this structure which will be the frame for the new curriculum. The final curriculum will be ready in spring 2015 so that it can take effect from September 2015.

Master programme (Kandidatuddannelsen) for Anthropology



1. year        

Antropological Analytics (15 ECTS)

Optional electives (15 ECTS)

  1.   (15 ECTS)
  2. (15 ECTS)
  3.   (15   ECTS)

Project Planning (15 ECTS)

Optional courses (15 ECTS)

  2   x 7,5 ECTS

2. year

Fieldwork (completed before week 49) + Data analysis: initial analysis and contract   preparation (week 49, week 4) (30   ECTS)

Thesis + Thesis seminar (30 ECTS)