21 April 2020

New theme page gathers research on corona crisis


A new online theme page gives a comprehensive overview of all research projects looking into the social impact of the COVID-19 crisis thanks to emergency grants from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Womean sitting on suitcase

Seven projects, including three with anthropological participation, are currently investigating how the corona crisis is affecting society thanks to emergency grants from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Now the faculty has created a webpage where you can find links to all projects.

Several of the projects have created their own project sites online, where they disseminate their partial findings – some in English, some in Danish, or both. A few projects have also launched broader studies that are open to the public. Common to all is that they seek to provide and fast, relevant and valid research, and disseminated this widely.

Anthropologists from the Department of Anthropology participate in three of the projects:

Professor Morten Axel Pedersen, Assistant Professor Samantha Breslin and Research Assistant Emilie Gregersen, are part of the project 'The Dynamics of Political Discourse and Attention during the COVID-19 outbreak'. Together with other researchers connected to the interdisciplinary Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), they collect and analyses COVID-19-related digital news and tweets in a Danish context.

Morten Axel Pedersen also participates in the project 'COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring in Denmark (COSMO Denmark)' led by Professor Robert Böhm from the Department of Psychology. The project contributes to a larger WHO-supported international online survey of how individual citizens in different countries perceive and relate to risks and recommended precautions during the epidemic.

Finally, Associate Professor and Head of Studies Heiko Henkel and PhD student Brian Noel McGahey participate in the project '3S International - Social situation survey of international students at UCPH during the Coronavirus 2020', which investigates the impact of the crisis on international students enrolled at the University of Copenhagen.

See the new theme page with links to all the individual projects (in Danish).