22 October 2014

Tine Gammeltoft receives the Boyer Prize for article about selective reproduction in Vietnam

Tine Gammeltoft, professor of anthropology at the University of Copenhagen, has won the Boyer Prize. Tine Gammeltoft is awarded the prize for her article “Toward an Anthropology of the Imaginary: Specters of Disability in Vietnam” in which she discusses  the analytical potential that the notion of the imaginary holds for anthropology. The article is based in Tine Gammeltoft´s extensive fieldwork In Vietnam which focuses on the ethical and human consequences of the widespread use of new technologies for selective reproduction in the country.

The Boyer Prize for Contributions to Psychoanalytic Anthropology is awarded annually to a book or article published that addresses the psychodynamic process in a cultural context. Tine Gammeltoft will receive the award as part of this year’s American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in Washington DC on December 5th. In addition to the recognition, the Boyer Prize comes with an award of 500 USD.

Tine Gammeltoft: “Toward an Anthropology of the Imaginary: Specters of Disability in Vietnam

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