10 May 2019

Two anthropological research projects receive funds from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Research funds

Henrik Vigh and Matthew Carey receive research funds from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

A total of 215 researchers across the country received funds by the Independent Research Fund Denmark’s annual distribution of research funds. Two of the new projects that have just received funds are anchored at the Department of Anthropology.

One of the projects concerns judicial settlements after war, while the other is about political, ethnic, and religious tensions among Turkish people in Europe.

Judicial settlement after war

Henrik Erdman Vigh, professor at the Department of Anthropology, has received just under DKK 2.9 million to a research project, wherein he will investigate people’s financial, social, and cultural rights in those judicial settlements that take place after war situations.

The project will be initiated in September 2019 and runs for three years at Centre for Global Criminology.

- We are focusing on Syria and Iraq which both are places where the international legal system is ready to jump into action. We examine this jump and look at how such a transitional settlement is coordinated, negotiated, and implemented, Henrik Vigh says.

Political, ethnic, and religious tensions among Turkish people in Europe

Matthew Carey and Ida Hartmann, Department of Anthropology, receive just under DKK 2.9 million to the project Affect and Infrastructure: Turkish Rifts in European Civility. 

They will investigate how polarization in Turkey creates new fractured surfaces among Turkish migrant populations in Europe, and what new alliances and fractions this generates among Turkish migrants and their descendants in relation to majority populations and in relation to European nation states. Through anthropological fieldwork in Turkish mosques, private schools, and cultural associations in Denmark, Germany, and England, they will examine how political, ethnic, and religious tensions disperse in each of those three countries.