6 March 2014

Visualizing the field: An exhibition of photographic ethnographic accounts

Call for submissions 

Many of us bring a camera along on fieldwork and EE wishes to celebrate all the stories that these fieldwork photos tell, stories that have perhaps not yet been told. The exhibition aims to convey stories from our fieldworks through visual ethnographic material about various settings and phenomena, and to stimulate a discussion of the qualities, advantages and challenges of photography as an anthropological medium. The photos will be presented at EE in a digital slideshow format (with the use of projectors) instead of the habitual spatial juxtaposition of an exposition with printed photos. This presentation form introduces a "storyline" and we therefore invite you to think – and choose – your photos in terms of a narrative sequence.
Call for photographic narratives
EE invites students, faculty and anthropologists alike to submit photographic narratives, whether the photos are recent or from a fieldwork conducted decades ago. The photos do not have to be representative of your field, but may simply convey an aspect or a particular story from the field that you wish to share. The photos can portray exceptional events or quotidian moments, specific materialities or abstract concepts, portraits or landscapes. Printed photographs are also welcome if submitted in a digital format as outlined below.

The submission format and process
1. Select 5-10 photographs that make up an photographic narrative.
2. Write a short text that introduces the narrative – title, description, time & place, or whatever you find relevant – of 10 to 50 words, preferably in English
3. 3.   Send the files in an email to ee@anthro.ku.dk
4. If the files are too large, please use www.wetransfer.com and write in the message box that the files are your submission to the EEExhibition.
5. Steen Kelså will create the selected slideshows.

Submission deadline: Monday 31 March 2014
Photo specifications
In order to present your photos in the best possible way, please make sure you send your images in their original resolution, ie. do not scale them down. Minimum resolution for submissions: 1024x768 pixels (0.7 megapixel). Please specify any retouching/cropping/alteration you need done (if applicable).

Wetransfer Tips
To save time you can put all the files in a folder and create a .zip file. On a Mac, you can create the zip-file by Ctrl-clicking on the folder you just created. On a PC, just right-click the folder and choose “Send to…” > Compressed (Zipped)Folder

The EEExhibition
Opening:  Friday 25 April 2014 from 16:00-18:00.
Where: The Ethnographic Exploratorium (CSS 4.1.12), Dept. of Anthropology, UCPH, and, possibly, on the new EE website.
What: Opening of the EEExhibition, a welcome by the organizers, and of course snacks-&-drinks!

Send us an e-mail: ee@anthro.ku.dk or call Marie Kolling: 3532 4619 / Perle Møhl: 3532 44 57