24 August 2020

Affect and Effect in Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration

A new article in the prestigious journal Science and Technology Studies shows that it is not only knowledge hierarchies and conceptual discrepancies that can have an impact on interdisciplinary collaborations.

Based on the analysis of a number of situations in two interdisciplinary projects at the University of Copenhagen, the article sheds light on how emotional aspects such as enthusiasm, boredom and doubt are at least as important for the collaboration as the purely academic aspects.

The first author of the article is Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology, Line Hillersdal. From the department, postdoc Birgitte Bruun and professor MSO Bjarke Oxlund have contributed as co-authors. Finally, Astrid Pernille Jespersen, associate professor of ethnology at the Saxo Institute, is also a co-author.

The article can be downloaded on the website of Science and Technology Studies: Affect and Effect in Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration.