Research and impact on society

A great deal of the knowledge that we live by and use to develop our society originates from research. When society embraces this knowledge, we are talking about impact. There can be:

  • Impact of interventions. Research results lead to changes in practices, guidelines, laws, etc.
  • Process-impact in collaborations. Happens in the encounter between researchers and collaborative partners.
  • Expert-impact. Impact through society’s use of our experts. This can be in councils, boards, or as experts in the media.
  • Impact of basic research   that can change the way we think.

It is an example of impact on society, when Ayo Wahlberg, professor at the Department of Anthropology, reinforces the user perspective on the world’s largest fertility clinic with his research. Or when research at the department contributes to the development of a website, that helps people taking cholesterol-lowering medication to increase their quality of life. Read more