Network for Cross-Cultural Child Studies (2009-2011)

The Network for Cross-Cultural Child Studies, the former Network for Anthropological Child Research, consists of and orients itself towards scholars doing anthropological research on children. The network was established in June 1996 as a forum for discussion and as a framework for the exchange of information about on-going research. The aim was to establish and maintain contacts between child-researchers.

The immediate result has been a series of workshops at which issues of importance to the anthropology of children have been discussed - among others, socialization; methods and ethics, the position and relevance of child research within the discipline of anthropology, participatory research with children, learning processes, children and kinship.

The Network orients itself towards scholars and students within the field of anthropology and related disciplines. The initiative comes from the Danish milieu, but one objective is to strengthen contact and cooperation with scholars internationally. Thus, efforts are being made to develop both national and international contacts. While the Network has an anthropological foundation, it is open to all interested scholars with an academic approach to child-related research topics.

In 1999, the Network was granted financial support from the Danish Research Council of Social Sciences which provided a basis for continuing and expanding network activities over the next two years. In order to strengthen the research base of the network a series of invitational research seminars will be held. Furthermore, we are planning to arrange lectures held by Danish and international researchers which will be open to all members.

Contact Address:
The Network for Cross-Cultural Child Studies
Department of Anthropology
University of Copenhagen

Steering Committee:

  • Karen Fog Olwig,
  • Sally Anderson, Eva Gulløv, Laura Gilliam, Karen Valentin - Aarhus University, Department of Education
  • Lotte Meinert, Aarhus University, Department of Culture and Arts