Panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., 3-7 December, 2014. Birgitte Refslund Sørensen and Mads Daugbjerg convened a panel on “Knowing war: exploring the make-up of military and anthropological truth”. As part of the panel, all three project participants presented papers:

  • Thomas Randrup Pedersen: “Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt: Knowing War from frontline Experiences of Danish ISAF Troops”
  • Birgitte Refslund Sørensen: “War Dead and Alternate Truths about War”
  • Mads Daugbjerg: “The ‘distant war’ up, close and personal: Approximating Afghanistan at the Danish Arsenal Museum”

Link to panel program.

Link to panel description.