18 April 2012

Dybbøl Day, 18 April 2012

Mads Daugbjerg participated in the annual wreath laying ceremony on 18 April, the day of the Battle of Dybbøl.

Each year since 2002, modern German military has been invited by the Danish Army to take part in the ceremony, thus transforming the symbolic significance of the event from its earlier Danish-only introspectivism into a reconciliatory ritualism stressing not just the sacrifices of the 1864 soldiers, but also the ongoing cooperation of Danish and German military across the globe today.

After the ceremony, MD accompanied Inge Adriansen, senior curator at the Sønderborg Castle Museum, to a smaller wreath-laying at nearby Broager cemetery, and then took part in a meeting at the Sønderborg Sergeant School with planners and coordinators of the 2014 anniversary.

To see more pictures from the wreath laying ceremony in Dybbøl go to the facebook profile of the Department.

Dybbøl, 2012. Photo by Mads Daugbjerg ©

Dybbøl, 2012. Photo by Mads Daugbjerg ©