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Several staff members at the Department of Anthropology are currently involved in research projects related to Business and Organisational Anthropology (BOA).

Research in this group draws on ethnographic fieldwork to conduct sociocultural analyses of organisational and managerial practices within private and public sectors. Studies cover such themes as:

  • Organizations and work processes – and their transformations
  • Management – including ideologies and practices of managerialism in private and public sectors
  • Evaluation, audit and consultancy as anthropological practices and as contemporary cultural phenomena
  • Economies and markets – both legal and illegal, and their interconnections
  • Globalization and transnationalism and their local expressions and consequences

To investigate these and other BOA themes and hopefully expand our understanding of their possible interrelations, we have formed a group of researchers who meet regularly to explore further potentials of anthropology for the study of business, management and organisation.

Teaching and other activities

Researchers from the group are teaching at the BOA postgraduate track. Courses that may be offered in the specialisation track in Business and Organisational Anthropology include:

  • Economic Anthropology,
  • Anthropology of Evaluation,
  • International Consultancy,
  • Organizational Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Marketing; Performance & Trickster

Researchers from this group are also sometimes engaged in Antropological Analysis, the department’s unit for collaborative research projects and applied anthropology.