Conflict, power and politics

Conflicts are an inevitable part of social life, sometimes appearing as exceptional, other times woven into what we might think of as ordinary life. Rooted in the Department’s long-lasting engagement with political anthropology,

Conflict, power and politics

Our research within the broad field of Conflict, Power and Politics directs attention at how conflicts evolve, are experienced and managed by different actors, and at how conflicts shape and are shaped by particular political landscapes, socio-economic livelihoods and cultural/existential notions of being. Moreover, we seek to unravel the interconnections between different levels and kinds of conflict, shedding light on their mutual dependence. In tandem herewith we study how individuals co-create and/or are coerced into taking active part in such conflicts.










Name Title Phone E-mail
Carey, Matthew Alexander Halkes Assistant professor +45 353-21579 E-mail
Henkel, Heiko Associate professor, head of studies +45 353-24456 E-mail
Salemink, Oscar Professor +45 353-24472 E-mail
Sen, Atreyee Associate professor +45 353-33882 E-mail
Vigh, Henrik Erdman Professor +45 353-23491 E-mail

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Henrik Erdman Vigh
+45 35 32 34 91
Office: 33.1.38

Blog: Conflict, Crime, Power and Politics

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Conflict, Crime, Power and Politics