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Religion and Subjectivity

This research group brings people together with interests in the fields of

  • religion
  • religion’s ‘other’: the secular, and
  • the multifaceted field of subjectivity.

While most anthropologists agree that in a ‘secular age’ the religious can no longer be separated from the secular (and institutions such as nation-states, markets, and media) how religion intersects with these domains, and these intersecting domains contribute to constituting subjects and subjectivity, remains an open and increasingly urgent question in anthropology.

Teaching and other activities

The group sees as its main task to facilitate discussions among participants on these issues, engaging both recent scholarship and on-going research by participants. We hope that the discussions within the group, and our engagement with colleagues elsewhere, will lead to research projects and collaborations both within and beyond our department.

The group is responsible for supervising the two module courses Religion I and Religion II. We expect that our discussions about the intersection of the religious and the secular will be reflected in the way the two modules will be conceptualized and taught.