The Administration at Anthropology and Sociology

Øster Farimagsgade 5, bygning 16
DK-1353 København K


Reception and Services
Study Administration
Research Training and Funding
Communication and press

Department Administrator

Department Administrator
Christina Holbøll
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.40

Telephone: +45 353-23466

Department Administrator

Reception and IT

Receptionist/Clerical Officer
Linda Simonsen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.16

Telephone: +45 353-23464

Reception, purchases of office supplies and furnitures, allocation of offices, services

Jan Christian Andersen
CSS - Building 16, 16.1.26


Telephone: +45 35 33 48 31

Service Assistant
Dorthe Petersen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.16

Telephone: +45 353-23843

Compendias, meeting supplies, services

Service assistant

Study Administration

Educational Coordinator
Charlotte Rosenmejer
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.36

Telephone: +45 353-23931

Educational planning at Anthropology, international students at Anthropology, employment of part-time academic staff at Anthropology

Sociology - Programme Coordinator
Søren Axel Gustafsson
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.29

Telephone: +45 35331874

Educational planning at Sociology, study activity requirements at Sociology and Anthropology, Student Counsellor

Programme/Credit Secretary
Katrine Fabricius Dahl
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.38

Telephone: +45 353-36936

MSA Secretary, International Secretary, Credit Secretary for Sociology and Anthropology

Programme/Credit Secretary

Anthropology, Academic Administrative Officer
Sandra Schöne Leth
CSS - Building 16, 16.1.27

Telephone: +45 35 33 77 42

Exemption applications at Anthropology, secretary for the Board of Studies at Anthropology

Global Development, Academic Administrative Officer
Marie Andkjær Pedersen
CSS - Building 16   
Telephone: +45 35 33 13 73

Exemption applications and merit at Global Development, secretary for the Board of Studies at Global Development, councelor.

Programme secretary
Lene Lisbet El Mongy 
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.23 

Telephone: +45 353-23502

Master's Thesis and PhD Administration at the Department of Sociology, Secretary for the Danish Sociological Association

Programme Secretary

Study and Career Advisor
Luise Mandrup Andersen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.42

Telephone: +45 353-36935

Head of student counseling at the Department of anthropology, student and career counsellor at Anthropology, internships

Study and Career Advisor

Study and Career Advisor 
Sarah Kirkegaard Verver
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.34

Telephone: +45 353-31291

Study Counsellor, career advice, employment

Study and Career Advisor

Programme Secretary (leave)
Tine Skou Kristensen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance i, 16.1.38         

Telephone: +45 353-34070

Programme Secretary at Sociology, examination coordinator at Sociology, employment of part-time academic staff at Sociology

Programme Secretary (leave)

Examination Coordinator, Anthropology    
Ulla Susan Andersen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.25                                                                                                

Telephone: +45 353-23467

Administration of examinations at Anthropology

Examination Coordinator, Anthropology


Economics Officer
Saadia Belloukid
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.33                             

Telephone: +45 353-23276

Accounting system, financial reporting system, external
projects at Sociology

Economics Officer

Economics Officer
Edyta B. Hansen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.35                             

Telephone: +45 353-35378

Accounting system, budget

Economics Officer
Mikkel Thulesen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.44                             

Telephone: +45 353-35964

Student Assistant
Nina Mac
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I


Travel expense claims

Research Consultant
Christen Artagnan Sørensen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.48                                 

Telephone: +45 353 32421

Research Support, external funding

Research Secretary
Vicki Antosz
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.50
Telephone: +45 353-34347

PhD Administration at Anthropology, service for researchers and operation of management

International Network Coordinator
Andreas Egelund Christensen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.39
Telephone: +45 353-22517

UCPH Global Development

Communication and Press

Communications Officer  
Maj Bach Madsen
CSS - Building 16, Entrance I, 16.1.41                                     

Telephone: +45 353 26350

Communication and press

Communications Officer

Who can help me?

If you are in doubt about whom to contact you can always contact the reception.


You can find the IT-support in room 5.0.01.

You can also call at tel: 35 32 32 32, or write an e-mail to:

Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

Officer Service

The officers can help you if you get locked out of your room. The officers room is located in building 20, telephone: 35 32 49 55, e-mail:

Cleaning Service

Ulla Pehrson, telephone: 35 32 49 64, e-mail:

Building Maintenance and Technical Service

Technical Service can be contacted in case inventory is broken or out of function by filling out the form on this page