Department of Anthropology – University of Copenhagen


  • Large grant for research on moments of enchantment


    Backed by a grant of almost 6 million DKK Associate Professor Cecilie Rubow will for the next four years be looking at how secular Scandinavians are affected by intense experiences in nature. The research will contribute with a new understanding about the ethical and political implications of enchantment »

  • More-than-Human Politics


    How can ethnographers identify and describe the political when earth beings, spirits, or nonhuman others become part of the ethnographic equation? In this episode of AnthroPod, guest producers Stine Krøijer and Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen take up this debate which is central to current environmental and political anthropology »

  • Cruelty and Compassion: Chaotic street life and the urban youth in post blast Manchester


    "Despite the emphasis on individualism among the urban youth, people across class and racial boundaries are keen to protect vibrant, unrestricted and tolerant street cultures, which is an integral part of their urban educational and social experience" writes Associate Professor Atreyee Sen who was in Manchester during the concert bombing »

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