Ethnographic Exploratory

Ethnographic Exploratory is a virtual and physical space (CSS 4.1.12) furthering collaborative and experimental research- and teaching activities at Department of Anthropology - for students, researchers, and guests alike.

EE takes its point of departure in ‘the ethnographic’ and it is therefore closely affiliated with both anthropology as a discipline and oriented toward other disciplines with an interest in the ethnographic. Dialogue and collaboration with other disciplines at det Faculty of Social Sciences, the Arts, and exposure to a broader public are a part of EE’s aim and ethos.

It is open every Thursday for group work, reading, and other anthropological work/activity. The focus is the exploratory, innovative, multimodal, and playful.

EE is home to a multitude of events and activities with a variety of participants:

  • The EE Seminar Series with monthly Seminars
  • ECTS courses; among these the Multimodal Anthropology BA- and MA course (fall)
  • Research Seminars
  • Student-driven events such as AntroFilm
  • Events arranged by the Antropologforeningen
  • Student pop-up exhibitions

See Ethnographic Exploratory facebook page for updates:

Open all Thursdays 13:00 - 15:00. (closed currently due to Covid-restrictions).

If you have a project, you’d like to develop in the EE, write us as at, come attend one of the events, or make a group with others at the department or from outside the department. A webpage is under construction; in the meantime:

Find us at Facebok and become a member of our group: Ethnographic Exploratory.

Follow activities in the Ethnografic Exploratory in EE's calendar (external page).

The Multimodal Media Lab adjacent to the EE can be booked by students working on visual anthropology projects, podcast, or visualization (pre-booked).

Feel free to use the space and leave your mark!