Collaboration and impact

Drops of impact

The world around us is facing unprecedented challenges: intensifying climate change, environmental degradation, global pandemics, increasing healthcare needs, changing demographics, violent conflicts, forced migration, rising socio-economic inequality as well as structurally imbedded forms of discrimination. Cutting-edge anthropological research as well as anthropological skills are crucial for meeting these challenges.

At the Department of Anthropology, we are at the forefront of basic research and strive to make this knowledge available to broader society. In our research, we collaborate with people and groups, private organizations and public institutions to generate new knowledge about society.

A great deal of the knowledge that we live by originates from research. When society embraces this knowledge, we are talking about impact. New anthropological knowledge with impact may change the way we as a society think or act on specific challenges. Impactful research influences laws, policies, guidelines and changes institutional practices. We also talk about impact when society uses our experts in councils, boards and in public media.

If you wish to collaborate with our researchers, you are welcome to contact them directly or contact the coordinators of our researcher groups: 

CAMP - Culture, Mobility and Power 

HALC - Health and Life Conditions Research Group

NEC - Nature, Environment and Climate

OREO - Organisation and Economy

Anthropological research with societal impact