Staff at Department of Anthropology

Staff at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Amalie Lundberg Therkelsen Teaching Assistant The History of Anthropology, Denmark in anthropological perspective   E-mail
Amalie Rørholm Vestergaard Administrative Officer   E-mail
Andrea Soelberg Rosdahl Student FU Centre for Global Criminology, communication, research support, events   E-mail
Andreas Egelund Christensen Senior Consultant Global Development Network, International Network Coordinator +4535322517 E-mail
Anja Simonsen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Tenure track assistant professor +4535323492 E-mail
Anna Elisabeth Stub Thygesen Administrative Officer Student curator in Ethnographic Exploratorium +4535325803 E-mail
Anna Maria Frost-Jensen PhD Student +4535328365 E-mail
Anne Rebecca Solovej Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Anne Sofie Beer Nielsen Teaching Assistant Anthropological Perspectives II   E-mail
Antonio Manuel Anastácio Pacheco Castelo Research Assistant +4535335002 E-mail
Asnath Paula Kambunga Postdoc Involverende design, designantropologi, dekoloniserende design, fremtidsskabelse, mindeskabelse +4535328017 E-mail
Astrid Andrea Schultz PhD Student PhD fellow   E-mail
Atreyee Sen Associate Professor Gender, violence, urban anthropology, childhood studies, political mobilization, prisons and conceptions of punishment, poverty +4535333882 E-mail
Ayo Marie Degett Industrial PhD Refugees, South Sudan, Sudan, participation, humanitarian action, forced migration, Uganda +4551208221 E-mail
Ayo Wahlberg Professor with special responsibilities Interim Head of Department, quality of life, health metrics, biomedicine, reproductive technologies, traditional/alternative medicine +4535324451 E-mail
Birgit Bräuchler Associate Professor Media and digital anthropology, conflict and peace studies, human and cultural rights, activism and brokerage, environment, Southeast Asia, Indonesia +4535331308 E-mail
Bruno Fernandes Student Assistant Global Development Network, communication, event promotion +4535331010 E-mail
Bryan Richard Cleal Part-time Lecturer Diabetes management, diabetes and work life, psychosocial and quality of life research in diabetes technology, diabetes and social media   E-mail
Cari Tusing Postdoc Political ecology, memory, land/seascapes, foodways, sensory ethnography +4535334750 E-mail
Cecilie Rubow Associate Professor Religion, transcendences, green projects, environment, qualitative project designs +4535323568 E-mail
Charlotte Louise Binning Student FU   E-mail
Christina Jerne Assistant Professor Organised crime, gangs, political economy, social movements, diverse economies +4535331995 E-mail
Cristian Felipe Roa Pilar PhD Fellow Fire, mennonites, settler-colonization, environment, Bolivia +4535327193 E-mail
Erika Skov Visitor Migration, activism, migrant caravans, Mexico   E-mail
Freja Bach Kristensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Hanna Ohm Cleaver Part-time Lecturer International relations, diplomacy, organisation culture, strategy, transformation   E-mail
Hanne Overgaard Mogensen Associate Professor Anthropology of health, youth and life conditions, the practice of anthropology, literary anthropology, Africa, Denmark +4535323454 E-mail
Helle Bundgaard Associate Professor Literary anthropology, ethnographic text, Indian craft matters, India, Denmark +4535323483 E-mail
Helle Samuelsen Associate Professor Medical Anthropology, global health, development, West Africa +4535327877 E-mail
Henrik Vigh Professor Political anthropology, peace & conflict studies, crisis and chronicity, undocumented migration, social becoming, mobility and mobilization, Europe... +4541111430 E-mail
Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum Assistant Professor Project management, research, teaching, intercultural communication, publishing +4535330856 E-mail
Ida Hartmann Postdoc Islam, state sovereignty, political conflict, ethics, migration, Turkey   E-mail
Ida Vandsøe Madsen PhD Fellow Relatives to people with dementia, presence, temporality, remote ethnography, COVID-19, the welfare state, Denmark +4529288575 E-mail
Inge-Merete Hougaard Postdoc Political ecology, land and resource rights, landscape changes, climate policy, recognition policy, green transition, agriculture, sand mining +4535322344 E-mail
Inger Sjørslev Associate Professor Emeritus Religion, rituals, indigenous peoples, museology, political culture, South America, Brazil +4535323478 E-mail
Iryna Ignatenko Associate Professor +4535326262 E-mail
Jesper Poulsen-Hansen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Julie Nygaard Solvang PhD Fellow +4535328848 E-mail
Julie Nynne Bune External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Karen Fog Olwig Professor Emeritus Migration, family and kinship, narratives, The Caribbean, Denmark, transnational networks +4535323479 E-mail
Karen Waltorp Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Visual and multimodal anthropology, the digital and emerging technologies, future anthropologies, gender, urban anthropology, migration, Islam in/a...   E-mail
Kasper Tang Vangkilde Associate Professor +4551942767 E-mail
Katharine Laura Dow Guest Researcher +4535327498 E-mail
Kathrine Dalsgaard Enrolled PhD Student Nature management, lowlands, rewilding, citizen involvement, co-creation, storytelling, Denmark +4535320303 E-mail
Kirsten Hastrup Professor Emeritus Arctic challenges; Greenland; The North Atlantic; The relation between nature and culture; The history of anthropology. +4535323460 E-mail
Kristiane Fogh Research Assistant   E-mail
Kristina Grünenberg Associate Professor Anthropology of health and illness, South Korea, aging, technology   E-mail
Kristine Marie Eck Guest Researcher   E-mail
Lars Richard Rasmussen Teaching Assistant Professor   E-mail
Line Hillersdal Associate Professor South Korea, aging, technology +4530298221 E-mail
Line Kvartborg Vestergaard PhD Fellow +4535323525 E-mail
Lise Rosendal Østergaard Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Malthe Sebastian Rye Thomsen Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Maria Athena Campbell Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Maria Koizumi Lindhardt Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Marie Kofod Svensson Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Marie Leine Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Matthew Alexander Halkes Carey Associate Professor Morocco, politics, lying, mistrust, pragmatic anthropology +4535321579 E-mail
Matti Weisdorf Postdoc Nature, environmental humanities and philosophy, ecologies, environmental ethics, energy ethics, war veterans, conflict, Sri Lanka, Denmark +4535332039 E-mail
Michael Whyte Associate Professor Emeritus Agricultural development; food security and the culture of food; the anthropology of the environment, HIV/AIDS, East Africa, Uganda +4535323476 E-mail
Michal Frumer Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Morten Axel Pedersen Professor Professor +4535323475 E-mail
Nana Katrine Vaaben Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Nanna Rønbjerg Christoffersen Senior Consultant +4535330647 E-mail
Nicoline Busk-Andersen Student Assistant Web, study environment, student café   E-mail
Oscar Linh Vu Student Wellbeing among students, managing events +4530955220 E-mail
Oscar Salemink Professor Religion, heritage, ethnic minorities, development, Southeast Asia, Vietnam +4535324472 E-mail
Peter Fini Henriques Part-time Lecturer +4535323484 E-mail
Peter Tindborg Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Petya Mitkova Koleva PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Quentin Gausset Associate Professor Environment, development, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, Africa, Southeast Asia +4535323473 E-mail
Rose Atim Visiting PhD Student +4535323790 E-mail
Samantha Dawn Breslin Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332129 E-mail
Sarah My Abrahamsen Student   E-mail
Sarah Seddig PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Simon Westergaard Lex Associate Professor Assistant Professor +4535323458 E-mail
Sine Plambech Part-time Lecturer +4560650479 E-mail
Stine Krøijer Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Political anthropology, nature-culture, cosmology, time, multispecies ethnography, anarchism, autonomy, indigenous peoples, the Amazon, Scandinavia +4535321581 E-mail
Susan Reynolds Whyte Professor East Africa, pragmatism, generation and gender, misfortune management, chronic illness, pharmaceuticals, post-conflict social problems +4535323477 E-mail
Tilde Siglev Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Tina Gudrun Jensen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Tine Mette Gammeltoft Professor Anthropology of health, sexual/reproductive health, kinship, gender, sexuality, development & globalization, science & technology, South East Asia,... +4535323474 E-mail
Tinna Christiansen Nielsen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Trine Mygind Korsby Assistant Professor +4535323481 E-mail
Ursula Emilie Plasson-Glismann Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Vladimir Alejandro Ariza Montañez Enrolled PhD Student +4535324566 E-mail
Zoe Kathrine Svendsen Borra Student Assistant Global Development Network, communication, event promotion +4535332693 E-mail