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Teachers and research assistents

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anbert, Lærke CecilieAssistant lecturer   E-mail
Friborg, Nico MiskowPart-time lecturer Trans studies, queer theory, gender, intersectionality, norm criticism, LGBTQIA+, activism, social change, decolonization, feminist anthropology  E-mail
Jensen, Tina GudrunPart-time lecturer   
Rasmussen, Lars RichardPart-time lecturer Statistics, market research, business development, communication and marketing  E-mail
Rungby, Asmus RandløvPhD fellow  +45 353-36508E-mail
Skårup, BettinaBusiness relations officer  +45 353-34035E-mail
Sønderby, TinePart-time lecturer   E-mail