Assistant Professors and Postdoc

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Albris, KristofferAssistant professor Data ethics, digital and computational anthropology, attention, disasters, climate, critique +45 26 20 23 77E-mail
Breslin, Samantha DawnAssistant professor, tenure track   E-mail
Hillersdal, LineAssistant professor  +45 30 29 82 21E-mail
Ilkjær, HeleneIndustrial Postdoc Indian IT professionals, return migration, highly skilled work migration, Sikhs in Denmark, philanthropy, re-integration +45 353-37815E-mail
Jerne, ChristinaPostdoc diverse economies, gangs, organised crime, political economy, social movements +45 353-31995E-mail
Kingod, NatasjaPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Korsby, Trine MygindPostdoc  +45 353-23481E-mail
Lex, Simon WestergaardAssistant professor, tenure track Assistant Professor +45 353-23458E-mail
Mann, AnnaPostdoc Science and Technology Studies (STS), Medical Anthropology, Ethnography, Chronic disease, Quality of life, Food, Taste +45 353-32524E-mail
Nielsen, VibePostdoc Museums, South Africa, Cultural Heritage, Decolonisation, Contemporary Art, National Identity.  E-mail
Petersen, Sandra LoriPostdoc Sound, soundscapes, noise, voice, hearing, emotions, home, neighbor, radio, Denmark, France, Maghreb in France, transdisciplinary collaborations +45 353-36201E-mail
Ravnbøl, Camilla IdaPostdoc human rights, gender, Roma in Europe, EU migration, homelessness, scrap collectors and beggars +45 353-20484E-mail
Richter, LinePostdoc  Undocumented Migration, Mali, West Africa +45 353-24477E-mail
Sausdal, DavidPostdoc Crime, Policing, Criminal Justice, Surveillance, Globalisation +45 353-27013E-mail
Sejrup, JensPostdoc News media, representation, postcolonialism, narratives, critical theory, Japan, Taiwan +45 353-34055E-mail
Siegel Corrêa, AméliaPostdoc Brazil, culture, identity, art history +45 353-35433E-mail
Siegel Corrêa, AméliaPostdoc Brazil, culture, identity, art history +45 353-35433E-mail
Simonsen, AnjaAssistant professor, tenure track Tenure track assistant professor +45 353-23492E-mail