Emeritus professors and guest researchers

Emeritus professors and guest researchers with The Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Hansen, Karen Tranberg Professor emeritus   E-mail
Hastrup, Kirsten Blinkenberg Professor emeritus Iceland; Greenland; The Arctic; Anthropology and Nature; Social Responses to Climate Change; Knowledge and Agency; The History of Arctic Exploration; The History of Anthropology +45 353-23460 E-mail
Olwig, Karen Fog Professor emeritus. Migration, family and kinship, narratives, The Caribbean, Denmark, transnational networks +45 353-23479 E-mail
Sjørslev, Inger Associate professor, research and development Religion, rituals, indigenous peoples, museology, political culture, South America, Brazil +45 353-23478 E-mail
Whyte, Michael Associate professor emeritus Agricultural development; food security and the culture of food; the anthropology of the environment, HIV/AIDS, East Africa, Uganda +45 353-23476 E-mail