Professors and Associate Professors

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Anja Simonsen Associate Professor +4535323492 E-mail
Atreyee Sen Associate Professor Gender, violence, urban anthropology, childhood studies, political mobilization, prisons and conceptions of punishment, poverty +4535333882 E-mail
Ayo Wahlberg Head of Department Head of Department +4535324451 E-mail
Birgit Bräuchler Associate Professor Media and digital anthropology, conflict and peace studies, human and cultural rights, activism and brokerage, environment, Southeast Asia, Indonesia +4535331308 E-mail
Cecilie Rubow Associate Professor Religion, transcendences, green projects, environment, qualitative project designs +4535323568 E-mail
Hanne Overgaard Mogensen Associate Professor Anthropology of health, youth and life conditions, the practice of anthropology, literary anthropology, Africa, Denmark +4535323454 E-mail
Helle Bundgaard Associate Professor Literary anthropology, ethnographic text, Indian craft matters, India, Denmark +4535323483 E-mail
Helle Samuelsen Associate Professor Medical Anthropology, global health, development, West Africa +4535327877 E-mail
Henrik Vigh Professor Political anthropology, peace & conflict studies, crisis and chronicity, undocumented migration, social becoming, mobility and mobilization, Europe... +4541111430 E-mail
Karen Waltorp Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Visual and multimodal anthropology, the digital and emerging technologies, future anthropologies, gender, urban anthropology, migration, Islam in/a...   E-mail
Kasper Tang Vangkilde Associate Professor +4551942767 E-mail
Kristoffer Langkjær Albris Associate Professor +4526202377 E-mail
Line Hillersdal Associate Professor +4530298221 E-mail
Matthew Alexander Halkes Carey Associate Professor Morocco, politics, lying, mistrust, pragmatic anthropology +4535321579 E-mail
Quentin Gausset Associate Professor Environment, development, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, Africa, Southeast Asia +4535323473 E-mail
Simon Westergaard Lex Associate Professor Assistant Professor +4535323458 E-mail
Stine Krøijer Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Political anthropology, nature-culture, cosmology, time, multispecies ethnography, anarchism, autonomy, indigenous peoples, the Amazon, Scandinavia +4535321581 E-mail
Susan Reynolds Whyte Professor East Africa, pragmatism, generation and gender, misfortune management, chronic illness, pharmaceuticals, post-conflict social problems +4535323477 E-mail
Tine Mette Gammeltoft Professor Anthropology of health, sexual/reproductive health, kinship, gender, sexuality, development & globalization, science & technology, South East Asia,... +4535323474 E-mail