Professors and Associate Professors

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bundgaard, HelleAssociate professor Literary anthropology;, Ethnographic text; Indian craft matters; India, Denmark. +45 353-23483E-mail
Carey, Matthew Alexander HalkesAssociate professor Morocco, politics, lying, mistrust, pragmatic anthropology +45 353-21579E-mail
Gammeltoft, TineProfessor Anthropology of health, sexual/reproductive health, kinship, gender, sexuality, development & globalization, science & technology, South East Asia, Vietnam +45 353-23474E-mail
Gausset, QuentinAssociate professor Environment, development, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, Africa, Southeast Asia +45 353-23473E-mail
Grünenberg, KristinaAssociate professor   E-mail
Hansen, Karen TranbergProfessor emeritus   E-mail
Hastrup, Kirsten BlinkenbergProfessor emeritus Iceland; Greenland; The Arctic; Anthropology and Nature; Social Responses to Climate Change; Knowledge and Agency; The History of Arctic Exploration; The History of Anthropology +45 353-23460E-mail
Henkel, HeikoAssociate professor, head of studies Religious Citizens, Struggles for Recognition, Secularism, Protestantism, Islam, Denmark, Turkey +45 353-24456E-mail
Henriques, Peter FiniProfessional coordinator East Africa, Oceania, War, Peace and Reconciliation, social movements, personhood +45 353-23484E-mail
Krøijer, StineAssociate professor Political anthropology, nature-culture, cosmology, time, multispecies ethnography, anarchism, autonomy, indigenous peoples, the Amazon, Scandinavia +45 353-21581E-mail
Mogensen, Hanne OvergaardAssociate professor The Practice of Anthropology. People and Ideas in Action +45 353-23454E-mail
Pedersen, Morten AxelProfessor Professor +45 353-23475E-mail
Rubow, CecilieAssociate professor Religion, transcendences, green projects, environment, qualitative project designs +45 353-23568E-mail
Salemink, OscarProfessor Religion, heritage, ethnic minorities, development, Southeast Asia, Vietnam +45 353-24472E-mail
Samuelsen, HelleHead of Department Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Development, West Africa. +45 353-27877E-mail
Schwennesen, NeteAssociate professor Assoiciate Professor +45 353-36016E-mail
Sen, AtreyeeAssociate professor Gender, Violence, urban anthropology, childhood studies, Political mobilization, prisons and conceptions of punishment, Poverty +45 353-33882E-mail
Sørensen, Birgitte RefslundAssociate professor Identity, Conflict, Emergency relief, Reconstruction, Education, Citizenship, Social inequality, Militarization, War veterans, Commemoration, Social recognition, Denmark, Sri Lanka +45 353-23463E-mail
Vigh, Henrik ErdmanProfessor Political anthropology, peace & conflict studies, crisis and chronicity, undocumented migration, social becoming, mobility and mobilization, Europe, Vest Africa +45 353-23491E-mail
Wahlberg, AyoProfessor with special responsibilities  Quality of life, health metrics, biomedicine, reproductive technologies, traditional/alternative medicine +45 353-24451E-mail
Whyte, Susan ReynoldsProfessor East Africa, pragmatism, generation and gender, misfortune management, chronic illness, pharmaceuticals, post-conflict social problems +45 353-23477E-mail