Research at the Department of Anthropology - Field work in Rwanda


The Department of Anthropology is one of the larger anthropology departments in Europe. Its staff comprises professors, associate professors, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students – many of whom financed from externally funded research projects. It is the Department’s ambition to deliver a significant contribution to the development of the discipline while continuing to engage in cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research.

The Department maintains a pluralistic research profile organized in four researcher groups with a strong record of attracting internationally prestigious grants. We ensure academic freedom, possibilities of critical thinking and originality, which means that we seek to go beyond the given and generate innovative ideas and new perspectives. Individual researchers can develop their research in accordance with their own interest, curiosities and in dialogue with changes in the world.  New research projects can become affiliated to the Department.

Here you can read more about ongoing research projects, the researcher groups, research affiliation as well as our research vision and department strategy.

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Find a researcher