Research Affiliation

External researchers

Researchers who wish to be affiliated with the Department of Anthropology must apply to the Research Committee for affiliation. Please enquire to the research consultant regarding deadlines.

Postdoc proposals

If you apply for external funding for a postdoc position you first have to apply to the Research Committee at the Department of Anthropology for affiliation.

No later than one month before deadline of the call you want to apply for you have to submit a draft project description, budget, research plan and CV (total two-five pages), and a recommendation and/or Ph.D. assessment. Please enquire to the research consultant regarding deadlines.

You will normally get a reply from the Research Committee the day after their meeting. In case the Committee supports your application you will also receive comments from the Committee on how to improve your application.

To finalise your proposal you will receive assistance from the research support team depending on your needs and the number of applicants for a given deadline. Proposal budgets HAVE TO be approved by the research support team and signed by the Head of Department.

Please contact the research consultant well before deadline to make an appointment for checking and signing your budget. The Head of Department may not always be availiable for approving and signing your budget just before deadline.

The Department is co-organising information meetings, seminars and writing workshops aimed especially at potential postdoc applicants twice a year. Please contact the research consultant for more information.

Funding possibilities

For information about funding opportunities, please consult the Researcher Portal at KUnet (intranet) or contact the research consultant. You can also find an overview of funding possibilities at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science