Research affiliation at the Department of Anthropology

External applicants and fixed term staff must acquire a housing commitment from the Department before applying for external funding with the Department as the project host.

A housing commitment can be requested by sending an application outline to the Department’s Research Consultant.

The outline must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the application deadline of the relevant Call.

If a housing commitment is approved, the applicant can liaise with the Department's Research Consultant regarding support for development of the application and application budget.

The Department is currently not able to provide co-funding for PhD- or Postdoc projects.

Internal applicants (tenured staff) do not need a housing commitment but are encouraged to notify the Research Consultant about plans for applications for external funding as early as possible if administrative support and proposal review from the Department are requested.

The Head of Department must approve application budgets before the application is submitted.

Proposal review

Research applications developed by staff in tenured/tenure-track positions and by external applicants/fixed term staff who have received a housing commitment will be offered an internal peer review of their proposal. Peer review requires that the full draft proposal and a proposal outline (using the template available here) are submitted to the Research Consultant at least four weeks ahead of the application deadline, and preferably earlier.