Research centres

The Department of Anthropology houses a number of research centres or has researchers affiliated with interdisciplinary centres under the Faculty of Social Sciences. You can read more about the individual centres on their respective websites or dedicated pages.


The general purpose of AnthroAnalysis is to contribute to the development and use of anthropological perspectives in practice, and to help inspire anthropologists and collaborative partners alike to take the use of the discipline still further into new areas and forms of application.

Centre for Antropological, Political and Social Theory (CAPS)

CAPS has as its primary goal to facilitate and promote theoretical research, debate and reflection in the social sciences and humanities.

Centre for Global Criminology

The Centre for Global Criminology studies crime, criminalisation and other border and boundary crossing phenomena around the world.

Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS)

Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) serves as the basis for a dedicated interdisciplinary social scientific agenda in education and research. SODAS carries out interdisciplinary and disciplinary research involving social and/or digital data.