PhD students

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Anna Maria Frost-Jensen PhD Student +4535328365 E-mail
Astrid Andrea Schultz PhD Student PhD fellow   E-mail
Ayo Marie Degett Industrial PhD Refugees, South Sudan, Sudan, participation, humanitarian action, forced migration, Uganda +4551208221 E-mail
Cristian Felipe Roa Pilar PhD Fellow Fire, mennonites, settler-colonization, environment, Bolivia +4535327193 E-mail
Erika Skov Visitor Migration, activism, migrant caravans, Mexico   E-mail
Freja Bach Kristensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Ida Vandsøe Madsen PhD Fellow Relatives to people with dementia, presence, temporality, remote ethnography, COVID-19, the welfare state, Denmark +4529288575 E-mail
Julie Nygaard Solvang PhD Fellow +4535328848 E-mail
Kathrine Dalsgaard Enrolled PhD Student Nature management, lowlands, rewilding, citizen involvement, co-creation, storytelling, Denmark +4535320303 E-mail
Line Kvartborg Vestergaard PhD Fellow +4535323525 E-mail
Maria Athena Campbell Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Petya Mitkova Koleva PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Sarah Seddig PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Vladimir Alejandro Ariza Montañez Enrolled PhD Student +4535324566 E-mail