PhD students

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Ahl, Sofie Isager PhD Fellow Human-plant relations, natural wine, biosemiotics, agricultural practices, multispecies ethnography, ecology, cultural heritage, France, Scandinavia +45 353-28218 E-mail
Andersen, Signe Lindgård PhD Fellow Transfer of know-how, concepts and technologies, hospital ethnography, clinical standards, travelling technologies, China and Denmark +45 353-34130 E-mail
Bjertrup, Pia Juul PhD fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Christensen, Ida Hartmann Postdoc   E-mail
Ebsen, Maia PhD fellow Social Entrepreneurship, design, urban farming, sustainability, business anthropology, USA, Denmark +45 353-26195 E-mail
Glavind, Ida Marie Lind PhD Fellow +45 24 63 35 09 E-mail
Hansen, Anette Høite PhD fellow Cohousing communities, sustainability, pro-environmental behaviour, community, family, social norms, Denmark +45 353-26171 E-mail
Høgh, Lotte Palm PhD student Police, emergency response, armed conflicts, intelligence analysis, risk perceptions   E-mail
Ilum, Stine Industrial PhD Student Industrial PhD   E-mail
Koleva, Petya Mitkova PhD fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Lillelund, Caroline Johanne PhD student Art and art worlds, museums, globalisation, cultural change, politics of representation, India, Europe +45 353-31563 E-mail
Mc Loughlin, Eimear Theresa Guest researcher Visiting Fellow   E-mail
McGahey, Brian Noel PhD Fellow   E-mail
Otto, Eva Iris PhD fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Rungby, Asmus Randløv PhD fellow +45 353-36508 E-mail
Schultz, Astrid Andrea PhD student PhD fellow   E-mail
Seddig, Sarah PhD fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Skov, Erika PhD fellow   E-mail
Weisdorf, Matti PhD Fellow Nature, biophilia, making-kin, ecologies, morality, secularism/religion, war veterans, Sri Lanka, Denmark +45 353-32039 E-mail