PhD students

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bjertrup, Pia Juul PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Bune, Julie Nynne Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Degett, Ayo Marie Industrial PhD Industrial PhD +4551208221 E-mail
Frost-Jensen, Anna Maria PhD Fellow Food as medicine; food and cancer; everyday life of chronic patients as it relates to commensality and nutrition; medical anthropology +4535328365 E-mail
Glavind, Ida Marie Lind PhD Fellow +4524633509 E-mail
Høgh, Lotte Palm PhD Student Police, emergency response, armed conflicts, intelligence analysis, risk perceptions   E-mail
Ilum, Stine Industrial PhD Industrial PhD   E-mail
Jørgensen, Olivia Norma Enrolled PhD Student +4535332854 E-mail
Koleva, Petya Mitkova PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Leth-Espensen, Marie Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Lillelund, Caroline Johanne Enrolled PhD Student +4535331563 E-mail
Madsen, Ida Vandsøe PhD Fellow +4529288575 E-mail
Montanez, Vladimir Alejandro Ariza Enrolled PhD Student +4535324566 E-mail
Otto, Eva Iris PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Schultz, Astrid Andrea PhD Student PhD fellow   E-mail
Siglev, Tilde Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Skov, Erika PhD Fellow   E-mail
Vestergaard, Line Kvartborg PhD Fellow +4535323525 E-mail
Waltz, Miriam Hanna Ancilla Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Weisdorf, Matti Enrolled PhD Student +4535332039 E-mail