Simon Westergaard Lex

Simon Westergaard Lex

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Primary research areas

Regional: Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden), Latin America (Venezuela and Colombia).


Innovation, Organization, Collaboration, Knowledge Economy.

Current research areas:

I am part of the research project CoNeXT (, and here my main focal area is collaboration between industry and University.

Keywords: Knowledge Economy, Collaboration, Trans-disciplinarity, Innovation.

I am also part of the Business and Organisational research group.


I explore contemporary understandings and practices of “innovation” in private and public organisations. Here, I dig “into the box” with an aim of making sense of daily practices and interactions in the creation, negotiation and commercialisation of new ideas, prototypes, products or services.

I ask what happens when the business developer, the entrepreneur, the consultant, the manager or the anthropologist put on the “innovative” hat?


Methodologically, I experiment with my role and position as a researcher working in the field and collaborating with interlocutors.

I strive to engage and collaborate with people in the field and exchange insights from different disciplinary positions and knowledge domains.

I explore the balance between participation and observation, performance and composition and immersion and reflection and as such I hope to co-produce insights of both practical and theoretical relevance.

Politics and culture in South America

Since 2000 I have studied political and cultural developments in South America, with an interest in leftist political programmes as for example the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.


I teach the courses ”Innovation & Co-creation”, ”The Anthropology of Innovation and Design and “The Anthropological Projekt: Anthropreneurship”.

I supervise in the field of Business and Organisational Anthropology.

ID: 13563212