Organisation and Economy (OREO)

What is attention economy? How can sustainable futures be designed? How is behavior turned into money? These and related questions are what researchers from the Organisation and Economy (OREO) Researcher Group strive to answer.

Business and organisation

The Organisation and Economy (OREO) Researcher Group works with a broad range of issues relating to organisation(s), markets, and political economy. We work across different scales covering social processes within and between organisations, as well as the relationships among organisations, citizens and consumers, and society more broadly.

The group has a particular interest in changing organisational forms, such as how networks, infrastructures and emerging economic forms develop in different social and cultural contexts. We also investigate how contemporary business models, forms of management and modes of governance are related to emerging technologies and the potential influence of corporate businesses on contemporary societies, policies, and futures.

The researcher group builds on the anthropological tradition of economic anthropology, including the field of business and organisational anthropology. We study how economic imaginaries migrate and ‘colonize’ other social domains, and discuss emerging economies and alternative and critical approaches to growth. Research on organisation includes empirical studies of individual organisations and their recent complex and global forms and explore the concepts of organisation, government and politics theoretically.

Researchers in the group conduct ethnographic fieldwork based on a range of classical as well as experimental research methods. We work with digital ethnography, data scraping, ‘meeting’ ethnography, co-creation, intervention, often in collaboration with external partners.

We have researchers working in private corporations, consultancies, startups, NGOs as well as in national and international government bodies and institutions. We also do fieldwork among various groups of consumers and in the intersection between markets and politics.

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Christina Jerne Assistant Professor +4535331995 E-mail
Freja Bach Kristensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum Assistant Professor +4535330856 E-mail
Josefine Givskov Student FU   E-mail
Julie Lorenzen Schnoor Student FU   E-mail
Kasper Tang Vangkilde Associate Professor +4551942767 E-mail
Lars Richard Rasmussen Teaching Associate Professor   E-mail
Matti Weisdorf Postdoc +4535332039 E-mail
Samantha Dawn Breslin Associate Professor +4535332129 E-mail
Simon Westergaard Lex Associate Professor +4535323458 E-mail


Simon Westergaard Lex 
Department of Anthropology
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