Health and Life Conditions Research Group (HALC)

The anthropology of health has been a priority area at the department since the 1980s. Over the years, teaching, research and PhD training have developed and diversified this field. Starting with an interest in culturally specific perceptions of illness and therapeutic itineraries, the field has taken on a more global perspective, while maintaining commitment to in-depth ethnography.

Photo: Mostafa Meraji/Unsplash
Photo: Mostafa Meraji/Unsplash

Changing patterns of demography, disease and disability present new challenges. So do the rapid development and appropriation of biomedical technology in the broad sense of devices, health data, medicines, techniques, and health programmes. A focus on power, sociality, health consciousness, institutional practices and lived experiences characterises many of our research projects. The classic comparative method attends to social differences and inequities within, as well as between, societies.

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Astrid Andrea Anesen PhD Student   E-mail
Ayo Wahlberg Head of Department +4535324451 E-mail
Hanne Overgaard Mogensen Associate Professor +4535323454 E-mail
Helle Bundgaard Associate Professor +4535323483 E-mail
Helle Samuelsen Associate Professor +4535327877 E-mail
Line Hillersdal Associate Professor +4530298221 E-mail
Maria Athena Campbell Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Sarah Seddig PhD Fellow   E-mail
Susan Reynolds Whyte Professor +4535323477 E-mail
Tine Mette Gammeltoft Professor +4535323474 E-mail
Vladimir Alejandro Ariza Montañez Enrolled PhD Student +4535324566 E-mail

External researchers


Kristina Grünenberg

Phone:  +45 35 33 73 37

Hanne Overgaard Mogensen

Phone:  +45 35 32 34 54