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PhD Fellows

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, Signe LindgårdPhD Fellow Transfer of know-how, concepts and technologies, hospital ethnography, clinical standards, travelling technologies, China and Denmark +45 353-34130E-mail
Christensen, Ida HartmannPhD student Turkey, Islam, secularity, citizenship, subjectivity +45 353-36996E-mail
Christensen, Loa Kristine TeglgaardPhD student ageing, rehabilitation, welfare, eldercare, policy, medical anthropology, Denmark +45 353-32867E-mail
Cullen, Jazmin MølgaardPhD student Applied Anthropology, Business Anthropology, Anthropology of knowledge, Interdisciplinary collaboration, User driven innovation, Anthropological consultancy +45 353-31469E-mail
Frost-Jensen, Anna MariaPhD Fellow  +45 353-28365E-mail
Gregersen, Frida SofiePhD student Urban violence, justice and policing, Inequality and poverty, non-state armed actors, Urbanization, Brazil , Development policies and practice, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique +45 353-33191E-mail
Hansen, Anette HøitePhD Fellow  +45 353-26171E-mail
Hau, Mark FriisVisiting PhD fellow   E-mail
Heiselberg, Maj HedegaardPhD student Denmark, veterans, family, children, everyday life, intimacy, gender +45 353-34333E-mail
Hughes, Thomas ScottPhD student Medical Anthropology, Disability, Migration, Ethnicity, Family and kinship, Welfare state, Denmark +45 353-37773E-mail
Høgh, LottePhD student Police, emergency response, armed conflicts, intelligence analysis, risk perceptions  E-mail
Journey, Rebecca KateVisiting PhD Fellow Urban anthropology, political ecology, infrastructure, affect and sensation, utopias, Danish Design; Denmark +45 353-31278E-mail
Karsten, Mette Marie VadPhD fellow, external  +45 353-33442E-mail
Lau, Sofie RosenlundPhD student Health, preventive healthcare, medical technologies, evidence-based medicine, social pharmacy +45 353-23482E-mail
Lazoroska, DanielaPhD student Belonging, Architecture and Urban Planning, Activism, Expert Knowledge, Favela Removals, Gender, Youth, Mobilisation, Brazil +45 353-33195E-mail
Lillelund, Caroline JohannePhD student Museums, artefacts, representation, politics, identity, India, Europe +45 353-31563E-mail
Madsen, Mette MyPhD student Big data, interdiciplinary collaboration, young students, party, friendship, affect, ritual  E-mail
Mennes, Frauke Tom HPhD Fellow  +45 353-36161E-mail
Nielsen, VibePhD student Museums, South Africa, Cultural Heritage, Dissemination of Culture, National Identity, Public Memory +45 353-31118E-mail
Pedersen, Lise RøjskjærPhD student Innovation, Knowledge production, ideation, creativity, consulting, collaboration, interdisciplinarity, Denmark +45 353-23480E-mail
Ravnbøl, Camilla IdaPhD student Human rights, gender, Roma minorities, EU migration, homelessness, bottle collectors and beggars +45 353-20484E-mail
Richter, LinePhD student  Undocumented Migration, Mali, West Africa +45 353-24477E-mail
Rømer, Lars Christian KofoedPhD student Folklore, Landscape, Atmosphere, Denmark +45 353-36974E-mail
Schuler, Maria-Theres AnnaVisiting PhD fellow   E-mail
Svensson, Marie KofodPhD student Denmark, congenital heart defect, family, children/youth, coping, experience, visual anthropology +45 353-39999E-mail
Uestebay, LeorPhD student Political anthropology, social movements, (counter)spaces, state and citizenship, football and political identity, Islam, Turkey +45 353-32350E-mail
Vammen, Ida Marie SavioPhD student Migration, mobility strategies, Hope, South-South migration, Transnationalism, Argentina, Senegal  E-mail
Verdasco, AndreaPhD student Migration, asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, childhood and youth, being and becoming, identity, sense of belonging, Denmark, Spain +61470244240E-mail
Yang, JianiPhD student  +45 353-37285E-mail