Competence profile: MSc in Anthropology of Health

Knowledge and understanding

The Master’s Degree in Anthropology offers knowledge of anthropological theory and methods that are based on the highest standard of international research in anthropology. A Master’s graduate in anthropology can use this knowledge to offer reflection and analysis based on research, as well as to identify relevant scientific issues.

A specialisation in the Anthropology of Health also offers a particular insight into the social and cultural aspects of health, illness and treatment.


A Master’s graduate in Anthropology can, independently and in collaboration with others, execute qualitative ethnographic studies, respond critically to method and theory choices, and evaluate which parameters may influence the studies’ results.
The graduate can use anthropological method and theory to identify, contextualise, and analyse complex societal issues.

The graduate can critically evaluate suggested solutions and propose alternative modes of analysis and problem-solving models. The Master’s graduate in Anthropology can communicate her knowledge orally and in writing, and is able to discuss issues relevant to the field with colleagues, supervisors, and the surrounding community.

A Master’s graduate with a specialisation in Anthropology of Health can also use anthropological knowledge and ethnographic methods in the study of health, illness and treatment, and participate in interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of health in order to solve concrete challenges.


A Master’s graduate in Anthropology can plan and direct complex academic and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The graduate can execute projects under challenging and changeable conditions, which require continuous development and adaptation of problem-solving models.

The graduate can take independent responsibility for his own professional development and specialisation.

The Master’s degree in Anthropology conveys skill sets that support employment in both the public and private sectors.

A graduate with specialisation in Anthropology of Health is also in a position to assess health systems through a comparative lens and thus contribute to the communication of differing worldviews across cultural and health profession boundaries.