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Camilla Ida Ravnbøl
Bottle Hunters. An Ethnography of Law and Life Among Homeless Roma in Copenhagen
ISBN 978-87-7209-218-8

Andrea Verdasco
Coming of age in asylum. Belonging, temporality and social relations among young refugees in Denmark
ISBN 978-87-7209-222-5

Maj Hedegaard Heiselberg
A Family Mission. An Anthropological Account of Family Life, Parenting and Gender in Danish Families Going Though Military Deployment.
ISBN 978-87-7209-207-2

Mette My Madsen
Fællesskabets ingeniører. En antropologisk analyse af sociale studiestartsaktiviteter for ingeniørstuderende
ISBN 978-87-7209-208-9

Lars Christian Kofoed Rømer
Tales in an Underground Landscape
Anthropological Excursions in the Danish Island of Bornholm
ISBN 978-87-7209-158-7

Lise Røjskjær Pedersen
Fact Finders. Knowledge Aesthetics and The Business of Human Science in a Danish Consultancy.

Natasja Kingod
The Tinkering M-Patient. An (Auto-) Praxiographic Study of Attuning to a Life with Type 1 Diabetes through Online and Offline Support
ISBN 978-87-7209-133-4

Line Richter
Gaps in a Bordered World
Malian men trying to make it to and in Europe
ISBN 978-87-7209-137-2

Sofie Rosenlund Lau
A Matter of Course: An Ethnographic Assemblage of the Routinization of Statins in Denmark
ISBN 978-87-7209-119-8

Ida Marie Savio Vammen
The Madness of Migration
An Ethnographic Account of Senegalese Migrants' Mobility and Lives in Buenos Aires
ISBN 978-87-7209-100-6


Anja Simonsen
Tahriib: The  Journey into the Unknown
An Ethnography of mobility, insecurities and uncertainties among Somalis en route.
ISBN 978-87-93476-88-2

Christina Leeson
Anthropomorphic Robots on the Move
A Transformative Trajectory from Japan to Danish Healthcare.
ISBN 978-87-93476-71-4

Iben  Louise Karlsen
Sikkerhedskulturelle forhåbninger
Et antropologisk perspektiv på sikkerhedskultur i en vindmølleproduktion.
ISBN 978-87-7209-038-2

Thomas Randrup Pedersen
A Grunt Ethnography of Denmark´s New ´Warrior Generation´.
ISBN 978-87-7209-046-7

Daniela Lazoroska 
Eating the Favela
ISBN 978-87-7209-064-1

Kristoffer Albris 
The public Life of Recurring Floods in Dresden.
ISBN 978-87-7209-016-0

Sandra Lori Petersen
The Margins of Me
Soundscapes on French Radio.
ISBN 978-87-7209-054-2


Ida Sofie Matzen
Cosmological Activism amon Sufi Muslims in Contemporary Lahore, Pakistan
ISBN: 978-87-93476-60-8

Trine Brinkmann
When to Whisper? Moving refugee psychotraumatology beyoud the clinic in welfare state Denmark.
ISBN 978-87-93476-21-3

Marie Kolling
New Homes, New Lives? Slum Upgrading, Consumptions Dreams and Debt in Brazil
ISBN 978-87-93476-02-08

Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum
From Buga-Buga Soldiers to Officers and Gentlement: How notions of professionalism and civility transformed the Ghana Armed Forces.
ISBN 978-87-7611-990-4

Lise Rosendal Østergaard
Fragile encounters: exploring public healthcare in Boulgou Province, Burkina Faso
ISBN: 9788776119720


Adrienne Mannov
Economies of security, an ethnography of merchant seafarers, global itineraries and maritime piracy.
ISBN: 9788776119485

Tamta Khalvashi
Peripheral Affects. Shame, Publics, and Performance on the Margins of the Republica of Georgia.
ISBN: 9788776119317

Sidsel Busch
At blive og være stemmehører. Et antropologisk studie af stemmehøring og læring i stemmehørebevægelsen i Danmark.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-897-5

Marianne Mosebo
Enhancing Well-Being. Urban Karimojong Youth between Security and Develpment in Uganda.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-874-7

Trine Mygind Korsby
Hustlers of Desire. Transnational Pimping and Body Economies in Eastern Romania.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-849-5

Karina Märcher Dalgas
Au pair trajectories. Family relations, self-maing and migratory endeavors amon Filipinas in Denmark.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-832-7

Sine Plambech
Points of Departure. Migration Control and Anti-Trafficking in the Lives of Nigerian Sex Worker Migrants after Deportation from Europe.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-787-0


Bodil Hedegaard Ludvigsen
Medborgerskab og tilpasning. Ældre mennesker med hjemmesygepleje: Perspektiv på sociale relationer, forebyggelse, medicin og døden.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-733-7
Ph.d. nr. 85

Gry Skrædderdal Jakobsen
Tastes. Foods, bodies, and places in Denmark.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-742-9
Ph.d. nr. 84

Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen
`Water is life´. An ethnography of urban ecology and water politics in Arequipa, Peru.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-728-3
Ph.d. nr. 83

Maria Louise Bønnelykke Robertson
Connecting worlds of water. An ethnography of environmental change on Tarawa, Kiribati.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-690-3
Ph.d. nr. 82


Simon Westergaard Lex
Innovation i praksis. Omstilling til markedsorientering i Post Danmark.
Ph.d. nr. 81

Julie Rahbæk Møller
Galskabens bureaukrati. En antropologisk analyse af diskrepansen mellem idealer og betingelser i Socialforvaltningen i Københavns Kommune.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-664-4
Ph.d. nr. 80

Christian Vium
Our life is water. An ethnography of scarcity in contemporary Mauritania
ISBN: 978-87-7611-668-2
Ph.d. nr. 79

Cecilie Lanken Verma
Guns and Tricks. State becoming and political subjectivity in war-torn Northern Uganda
ISBN: 978-87-7611-660-6
Ph.d. nr. 78

Sara Lei Sparre
A generation in the making. The formation of young muslim volunteers in Cairo.
ISBN: 978-87-7611-618-7
Ph.d. nr. 77

Katrine Gotfredsen
Paradoxes of history, nation and everyday communication in the Republic of Georgia
Ph.d. nr. 76

Maya Mynster Christensen
Shadow soldiering. Mobilisation, Militarisation and the Politics of Global Security in Sierra Leone
Ph.d. nr. 75


Jenipher Twebaze
Medicines for Life. Confidentiality and Information Control in the Lives of Clients and Providers in Ugandan ART Programs
Ph.d. nr. 74

Mattias Borg Rasmussen
Prisms of Water. Abandonment and the Art of Being Governed in the Peruvian Andes
Ph.d. nr. 73

Maja Hojer Bruun
Social Life and Moral Economies in Danish Cooperative Housing. Community, Property and Value
Ph.d. nr. 72

Dan Vesalainen Hirslund
Sacrificing Youth: Maoist Cadres and Political Activism in Post-War Nepal
Ph.d. nr. 71

Kaper Tang Vangkilde
Branding HUGO BOSS: An Anthropology of Creativity in Fashion
Ph.d. nr. 70

Nathalia Brichet
Generating Common Heritage. Explorations into the Reconstruction of a Former Danish Plantation in Ghana
Ph.d. nr. 67


Anja Bornø Jensen
Orchestrating and Exceptional Death. Donor Family Experiences and Organ Donation in Denmark
Ph.d. nr. 69

Birgitte Romme Larsen Ind i Danmark. Skabelse af sted og tilhørsforhold blandt nyankomne flygtningefamilier bosat i mindre danske lokalesamfund
Ph.d. nr. 66

Stine Krøijer Figurations of the Future. Forms and temporality of left radical politics in northernEurope
Ph.d. nr. 65


Regnar Kristensen
Postponing Death. Saints and Security in Mexico City
Ph.d. nr. 68

65-67 – please see above

Anja Kublitz
The Mutable Conflict. A Study of How the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is Actualized among Palestinians in Denmark
Ph.d. nr. 64

Mille Gabriel
Objects on the Move. The Role of Repatriation in Postcolonial Imaginaries
Ph.d. nr. 63

Helene Risør
Violent closures and new openings, civil insicurity, citizens and state in El Alto, Bolivia 
Ph.d. nr. 62

Catrine Christiansen
Development by churches, development of churches, institutional trajectories in rural Uganda
Ph.d. nr. 61

Susanne Bregnbæk
Family, state and the quandaries og education, the tension between self-sacrifice and self-actualization among university students in Beijing
Ph.d. nr. 60

Morten Hulvej Rod
Forebyggelsens momenter, en antropologisk analyse af evidens og etik i tiltag rettet mod unges brug af alkohol, ph.d.-afhandling
Ph.d. nr. 59