About the PhD programme 

The PhD programme is open to both Danish and international students who hold a master's degree in anthropology or a closely related discipline. In order to be accepted as a PhD student it is necessary to submit a proposal for an independent research project and to have funding for the three-year study programme.

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen collaborates with its sister department at the University of Aarhus. The two universities offers the required doctoral courses in fieldwork planning and in analysis and write-up of data as well as specialized courses with more in-depth focus on one specific theme, theory or region.
PhD students are encouraged to participate in both the conceptualization and planning of course activities. This ensures that the specialised courses offered through the Research School resonate with the interests of the PhD students, while providing the opportunity for the students to become part of an international academic network and build their capacity to organize academic events.

Because they participate as teachers, supervisors and internal examiners at the BA and MA levels, PhD candidates are regarded as an integral part of the academic milieu in the Department. Consequently, PhD students are keenly interested in building an environment conducive to critical thinking based on a solid body of empirical field studies and advanced theoretical investigation.

On the principle that processes of learning and thinking are always social in nature, every enrolled PhD student is expected to contribute to the on-going academic discussions at departmental seminars and the PhD lunch meetings that are held every month.  

There are currently about 20 PhD students at the Department. Every effort is made in the PhD group to promote an inclusive and inspiring environment responsive to individual needs and interests. A mentor scheme has also been put in place, whereby an experienced student takes a special responsibility vis-à-vis a new PhD student.