PhD Projects

A large range of topics are studied by PhD students at the department. Below is a list of all current PhD projects. You can read more about each project in the individual profiles of the PhD students.

  • A childhood on the premise of the heart - CHD families' experience and handling of congenital heart defect (Marie Kofod Svensson)
  • Anthropologists outside academia: Working Anthropology (Jazmin Mølgaard Cullen)
  • Applying a Design Anthropological Approach within the Field of Media (Maria Eitzinger)
  • Democratisation of Democracy: The emergence of the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) as a multidimensional platform of radical politics in Turkey (Leor Üstebay)
  • Development or Decline? Experiences and Practices of Ageing in Enabling Care (Loa Kristine Teglgaard Christensen)
  • Ethnicity and Disability in the Danish Welfare State: An Investigation of Obstacles and Strategies for Ethnic Minority families with Disabled members (Thomas Scott Hughes)
  • EU lov i hverdagen: Roma migranters møde med love og regler på gaden i København (Camilla Ida Ravnbøl)
  • Growing up in limbo? Understanding the identity and sense of belonging of unaccompanied young migrants in Europe: the case of Denmark and Spain (Andrea Verdasco Martinez)
  • Urban Violence and Citizenship in São Paulo (Frida Sofie Gregersen)
  • Cultivating Ecological Sensibility in Aurland. Investigating the cultivation of plants and ecological sinsibility in the area around Aurland and Norway's school for organic agriculture. (Sofie Isager Ahl)
  • The Business of Ethics among Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (Maia Ebsen)
  • Food as medicine, everyday life of chronic patients as it relates to commensality and nutrition. (Anna Maria Frost-Jensen)
  • Exploring everyday life in different Danish sustainable cohousing communities and examining in which ways the community influence the pro-environmental behavior of the residents. (Anette Høite Hansen)
  • Exploring how readiness for events with a high risk of using or being subjected to deadly force, is cultivated through the organization and work culture of elite armed units in police and military. (Lotte Palm Høgh)
  • Contemporary social imaginaries of the museum and art world in India with a focus on the exhibition and circulation of Indian art. (Caroline Lillelund)
  • New articulations of identity in conjunction with novel modes of cohabitation and affiliation in urbanizing Borneo. (Asmus Randløv Rungby)