PhD projects

A large range of topics are studied by PhD students at the department. Below is a list of all current PhD projects, all working titles. You can read more about each project in the individual profiles of the PhD students.

Sofie Isager Ahl

My PhD project, with the working title Regeneration, centers around a new generation of farmers around Norway’s school for organic agriculture. The project takes their regenerative agricultural practices as focal point for understanding the mutually healing practices, that these young farmers are engaged in when they transform both their own lives and their agricultural practices in order to face the ecological crisis.

Signe Lindgaard Andersen

This anthropological research project will shed light on how the knowledge economy works at a micro-level exploring the exportation of intellectual property from the health sector in Denmark to China. The Danish evidence-based concept of Fast Track Surgery (FTS) serves as an example of this. Through an ethnographic study of how such a concept travels, this PhD.-project will examine the processes and social dynamics related to the transfer of the FTS concept in a global encounter between Danish and Chinese health care providers.

Pia Juul Bjertrup

My PhD project with the working title, Family Caregiving and Bereavement in Burkina Faso, explores family caregiving in relation to severe and suspicious sickness and death in Burkina Faso. The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa demonstrated the importance of involving local communities in preventive and response activities and the need to learn from affected local communities. By studying family caregiving and bereavement, the project will generate insights into care responsibilities and tasks within families, interpretations of and care practices around severe, suspicious and potentially contagious sickness and death.

Ayo Degett

In my PhD project I want to understand refugees’ everyday interest in - and opportunities for – participating in decisions in humanitarian action. I explore this through long-term ethnographic fieldwork among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda and Syrian and Sudanese refugees in Jordan.

Anna Maria Frost-Jensen

Food as medicine; food and cancer; everyday life of chronic patients as it relates to commensality and nutrition; medical anthropology

Ida Marie Lind Glavind

The working title of my PhD project is Dementia from within.The aim of the project is to explore how persons with Alzheimer’s disease experience their illness and the challenges they face in terms the illness (in relation to themselves, their family and in terms of participating in society). 

Lotte Palm Høgh

My research explores the learning processes of high risk work in a maritime special operations force; the Danish Frogman Corps.

Stine Ilum

Counter-terrorism, fear, public space, street life, urban planning and urban development are just some of the keywords in my PhD. Since the Danish national intelligence and security service (PET) has assessed the terror threat against Denmark to be significant and a number of terrorist attacks in neighboring cities such as Berlin, Stockholm, and Paris have taken place in public spaces, The City of Copenhagen has started planning how to secure The Inner City of Copenhagen and its public spaces better against terrorism. The PhD-project follows this counter-terrorism process.

Caroline Lillelund

Contemporary social imaginaries of the museum and art world. Affiliated with the School of Media and Cultural Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Eva Iris Otto

How is a political economy of attention turned into markets and economic value? In this Phd, I study how Danish digital companies in the design, coding and sales of digital products transform user-attention into economic value. I study how these companies navigate different markets and actors, and how these companies build on a digital infrastructure which they concurrently expand with their products. In that way these companies form part of the structures that facilitate and shape citizens' everyday interactions with each other, companies and states. 

Sarah Seddig

Sarah Seddig’s PhD project explores the recent emergence of Female Technology (FemTech) designed to improve womxn's sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in developing contexts. It entails ethnographic fieldwork among female-led FemTech startups/enterprises and FemTech users in Kenya’s ‘Silicon Savannah’.

Erika Skov

Mit Ph.d.-projekt med arbejdstitlen Between Empathy and Fear undersøger mexicaners møde med udokumenterede migranter i transit mod USA. Gennem tre etnografiske cases langs migrationsruten gennem Mexico undersøger jeg, hvordan forskellige lokale politiske projekter udspringer fra dette møde - både i solidaritet og i modstand mod migranterne. Formålet med projektet er derigennem at danne en dybere forståelse for de sociale, etiske og politiske dynamikker, der ligger bag polariserede attituder over for transnational migration. 

Matti Weisdorf

Mit PhD-projekt med arbejdstitlen Ecological Pedagogies and Moods of Morality udforsker etisk og politisk ladede liv blandt en gruppe synlige biodiversitetsforkæmpende biologer i Århus, Danmark, og sporer, hvordan økologisk tænkning rejser og muterer, når sådanne biologer-cum-økoaktivister bevæger sig fra universitetsmiljøet gennem civilt engagement til hverdagens ureducerbare vanskeligheder og dilemmaer.