17 March 2022

Disaster Anthropology: Vulnerability, Process and Meaning

Assistant Professor Kristoffer Albris contritubed to the book Defining Disaster: Disciplines and Domains  with the chapter 'Disaster Anthropology: Vulnerability, Process and Meaning'. 

This timely book unpacks the idea of ‘disaster’ from a variety of approaches, broadening understanding and improving the usability of this complex and often contested concept. Including multidisciplinary perspectives from leading and emerging scholars, it offers reflections on how the concept of disaster has been shaped by and within various fields of research, providing complementary and thought-provoking comparisons across many domains.

Albris, K.(2022). Disaster Anthropology: Vulnerability, Process and Meaning. I M. Aronsson-Storrier, & R. Dahlberg (red.), Defining Disaster: Disciplines and Domains (s. 30). Edward Elgar Publishing.

About the book

Defining Disaster
Disciplines and Domains

Edited by Marie Aronsson-Storrier, Lecturer in Global Law and Disasters, School of Law, University of Reading, UK and Rasmus Dahlberg, Associate Professor, Institute for Strategy and War Studies, Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

The book is available at e-elgar.com.