4 November 2019

In plain sight: Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

Associate Professor Atreyee Sen recently contributed with two chapters for the new book: 'In Plain Sight:  Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict'. 

Compiled by the International Research Group ‘Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’, the book takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding wartime sexual violence. Its enquiry employs four key relationships: War/Power, Violence/Sexuality, Gender/Engendering and Visibility/Invisibility. Through these, the authors identify gaps in existing knowledge to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the field.

Anthropologist Atreyee Sen contributed with the following two chapters: 

  • Stabbing, slicing, wounding’: Urban Hindu nationalism, public knife-distribution and the politics of sexual vulnerability in Mumbai, India.
  • ‘The ambiguous role of women in self-defense: A response’.

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