The term plagiarism refers to the unacknowledged use of someone else's ideas; in other words, you plagiarize when you offer someone else's thoughts and ideas as your own. You should at all times present your own work for the exams and should give correct references for all quotations, ideas and arguments from other sources.


If you, in a written assignment, present other people's words, ideas, illustrations, etc. as if they were your own, you make yourself guilty of exam fraud. If your fraud is discovered, sanctions will be applied. Worst case scenario: you will be expelled from the university!

Always acknowledge your sources

State and acknowledge all sources of words, ideas, quotations and illustrations in your academic work. Quotes should be clearly marked using quotation marks and typography. Quotes should be reproduced without changing the original text. You must state the full and correct source of your quote. If you reproduce the ideas of others in your own words, it is still important that you state the original source. 

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