Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is a democratically elected body that represents teachers and students. The Board of Studies has the overall responsibility for the organisation, implementation, and development of the degree programmes at the department, including:

  • ensure and improve the quality of the degree programmes and teaching, and guarantee follow-up on programme and teaching evaluations
  • prepare suggestions and changes to curriculum
  • approve plans for the design of instruction and of tests and other assessments related to the awarding of degrees
  • issue opinions within its area of responsibility regarding all cases relevant to degree programmes and teaching, and discuss the condition of degree programmes and teaching, at the request of the Rector or the Rector’s appointed representative
  • handle requests for credit (including transfer credit) and exemptions.

The Board of Studies has a subcommittee, the Credit and Exemption Committee. In addition to this, temporary committees concerned with matters of pedagogy may be convened as needed.


VIP = research staff 

Heiko Henkel (Associate professor/Head of Studies, Chairman)
Helle Bundgaard (Associate professor, VIP-representative)
Matthew Carey (Assistant Professor, VIP-representative)
Carla Naur Nørremølle (Student representative)
Marie Odgaard Smidstrup (Student representative)
Nicholas Noah Wollesen (Student representative)

Secretary: Sandra Schöne Leth