Climate Pledge 2024

We, anthropologists at UCPH, pledge in 2024 that we will:

  • Travel by train or bus to destinations reachable within 13 hours (including Oslo, Stockholm, Uppsala, Prague and all major towns in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium).
  • Reduce food waste by labelling private food items in fridges, making non-labelled food available for anyone, and by sharing leftover food from meetings with students in ‘Katten’.
  • Find out concrete ways to reduce our carbon footprint while studying, researching, and teaching.

Furthermore, we will continue to fulfil our pledges from 2023:

  • Only order vegetarian (with vegan options) and mostly organic food and drinks for social and academic events
  • Ban the use of bottled water and small portions of butter, jam, milk or cheese
  • Ban the use of disposable cups, glasses, plates and cutlery

If you want to join the Circle of Green Anthropologists to help organize swap markets, clothing repair workshops, or communal meals, please write to:

Flier version of our climate pledge: Climate pledge 2024