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  • 17 September - 26 September 2018

    Double Documentary Showing - Two Stories of Insurrections from Below in Burkina Faso

    The Department of Anthropology invites you to a double documentary showing of two stories about insurrections from below in Burkina Faso. The documentary showing of An African Revolution takes place September 17'th, while the showing of Koglweogo Land is on September 26'th. » Read more

  • 24 September - 25 September 2018

    Appropriating Technologies: The political economy and routinization of artefacts and devices

    The seminar will center on the different ways in which technologies come to be appropriated in everyday life: How can anthropological approaches contribute to the study of how specific technologies are developed, adapted, routinized or appropriated? Technologies are ubiquitous in people’s lives, from the credit cards used in countless daily transactions to water infrastructures, domestic appliances and medical technologies that enable people to live with chronic diseases. » Read more