Boards and councils


The Department Faculty Board consists of the Management Team and Scientific Staff Members. The Head of Department is Chair of the Department Faculty Board and Associate Professor Hanne Overgaard Mogensen is Vice-Chair.

The Department Faculty Board deals with the long term planning and prioritization of the Department's research. It processes applications for research affiliation from external researchers.

Contact: Head of Department Ayo Wahlberg

Scientific Staff Members



The Board of Studies is a democratically elected body that represents teachers and students. The Board of Studies has the overall responsibility for the organisation, implementation, and development of the degree programmes at the department, including:

  • Ensuring and improving the quality of degree programmes and teaching, and guaranteeing follow-ups on programme and teaching evaluations
  • Preparing suggestions and changes to curriculum
  • Approving plans for the design of instruction and assessments related to the awarding of degrees
  • Issuing opinions within its area of responsibility regarding all cases relevant to degree programmes and teaching, and discussing the condition of degree programmes and teaching, at the request of the Rector or the Rector’s appointed representative
  • Handling requests for credit (including transfer credit) and exemptions.

The Board of Studies has a subcommittee, the Credit and Exemption Committee. In addition to this, temporary committees concerned with matters of pedagogy may be convened as needed.


VIP = research staff 

Credit and Exemption Committee

SecretaryMarie Andkjær Pedersen 


The Department Research Committee is responsible for overseeing the Department's external research funding pipeline and long term planning and prioritization of the Department's research. Members of the Committee are elected among the permanent staff every two years.

The Committee has monthly meetings.





The Employer Panel consists of employer representatives and acts as an advisor for the Department on issues concerning studies and employement of students and graduates. 

  • Kristine Poulsen-Hansen, Chief consultant, Arbejdstilsynet
  • Mikkel Brok-Kristensen, Chairperson, FoodOp
  • Gertrud Øllgaard, Head of Expertise, NIRAS
  • Iben Fog Saxe, Holder, Section Manager of COWI and proprietor of Gemeinschaft
  • Niels Erik Grønfeldt Martiny, Head of Division, Miljøstyrelsen
  • Anna Juhl Madsen, Insights Lead, Novo Nordisk
  • Christina Vega Pedersen, Global Strategy Manager, Velux
  • Emilie Madvig Fall, Climate Consultant, Frederiksberg Kommune
  • Birgitte Feiring, Department Manager, Institut for Menneskerettigheder
  • Nynne Sahl Frederiksen, Consultant, Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Representatives from Department of Anthropology

The Employer Panel covers the following programmes: BSc and MSc in Anthropology and Professional Master in Health Anthropology

Minutes can be obtained by contacting the secretary of the panel at



The PhD Committee plans the Department's PhD study programme. The committe has two meetings per semester. 


Alternate members



The Collaboration Committee is a democratically elected body representing management and staff at the department. The Committee aims at securing staff involvement in the development of the workplace.

See the general collaboration committee's page for more information. (KUnet)

The Committee has 2 meetings per semester.


Management representatives

Employee representatives


The occupational health and safety organisation (OHS) covers all staff and all workplaces at UCPH. The OHS group consists of an elected representative from staff (OHSR) and a representative appointed by management (MR).

See ​Occupational health and safety organisation - KUnet