5 November 2021
Book cover - Experimenting with Ethnograpy
Cover: Designed by Amy Ruth Buchanan

Multimodal Sorting: The Flow of Images across Social Media and Anthropological Analysis

Associate Professor Karen Waltorp has contributed with the chapter 'Multimodal Sorting: The Flow of Images across Social Media and Anthropological Analysis ', in the book 'Experimenting with Ethnography: A Companion to Analysis', as part of the book series ’Anthropological Futures' edited by Andrea Ballestraro and Brit Ross Winthereik.

Waltorp's book chapter discuss how to work with smartphones and social media, focusing on the images that informants make and share, and images that anthropologists make and collect. Waltorp argues that ethnographic insights may emerge through multimodal sorting of these (digital) materials alongside other fieldwork materials. Each fieldwork and each process of analysis is
particular and differs from the next, yet certain steps and techniques can be discerned in the process. They emerge as techniques in retrospect, whereas Waltorp offers them in this chapter as prospective, in a template form to be appropriated and adapted.

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The book is open access and available for download at: andreaballestero.com/experimenting-with-ethnography-a-companion-to-analysis/