Line Kvartborg Vestergaard

Line Kvartborg Vestergaard

PhD fellow

Doughnut Economics for Circular Development in Amsterdam

This PhD project sets out to explore the implementation of Doughnut Economics - a particular design or framework for sustainable development. Read more about the Doughnut here 

The project takes me to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for nine months to study the role of and design practices by which the Municipality of Amsterdam seeks to implement the “Doughnut principles” as the first city in the world. The fieldwork will also explore how the ecosystem around the municipality such as private companies and citizen-led initiatives organize around this agenda. Read more about Amsterdam and sustainable urban development here

The PhD is part of the RE-ANIMATE research group where four projects explore how designs for more life-enhancing economies are enacted, challenged, reworked, or obfuscated in the effort to reform or replace dominant capitalist understandings and activities. 

Supervisor: Kasper Tang Vangkilde, Associate Professor at Department of Anthropology
Co-supervisor: Christian Bason, Ph.D. and CEO at the Danish Design Centre 

Funded by: Independent Research Fund Denmark


ID: 300440575